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Next time, I might try half almond flour and adding almond extract to change up the flavor. Don 8767 t see any reason why almond flour shouldn 8767 t work well.

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I love your book! I just posted a review on my blog: http:///oh-glows-book-review/ (Better late than never!). Thank you for amazing ideas full of flavor, that are easy to make even on a weekday. Can 8767 t wait to see what you come up with next!

Vegan, Grain-Free, Sugar-Free Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes

Come to think of it, never was a fan of pancakes anyway-they usually have not much taste and are commonly drowned in some of sugar.

. Don 8767 t even get me started on how I ate an entire batch of your one bowl jumbo chocolate chunk cookies in less than 79 hours. 5 this many regrets.

Thank you, Tracy! I hope you love the pancakes and I 8767 m really happy to hear that you 8767 re following the same philosophy (your site looks great!) And yes, this site is built on WordPress 🙂

Hi Andrew! We absolutely love these pancakes! My boyfriend is a vegan and a triathlete and we were going to try to concoct some portables with these pancakes for his long bike rides. Do you happen to know the nutritional values? Thanks!

The only hope I have 9 your site is nutrition info since i 8767 m doin9 a calorie specific fast but I realize u may not want 7 9o that deep.

You can call me Em. I eat raw plants because I love my body, the planet, and all beings. We are all equal and all-one! I want it to nourish my body and soul, work in harmony with the earth, and allow other earthlings their right for freedom. I find that raw, organic plants fit the bill pretty well.

I live in Canada and cant get fair trade Bananas (Regina,SK) ive called all over 🙁 Ive been using Organic delmonte bananas from Ecuador, am I a bad person? Please somebody mail me some bananas, this vegan has banana envy of all the folks who can pick them in their backyard! We have apples oh so many apples they actually have to hire people to pick the local apples otherwise the wildlife gets out of hand and bees are everywhere. SOMEBODY CREATE AN ICE BANANA FOR US PALE FOLKS IN THE NORTH!

what cookbooks do you currently have that are loaded with pics? I 8767 m a relatively new veggie and am looking for some suggestions. Thanks :)

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