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Ji Heon arrives at work and initially walks right past Eun Seol, before heading back to look at the new hire a little more carefully. Eun Seol introduces herself as Ji Heon’s new secretary.

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Eun Seol works at a restaurant when she gets a call that her last interview wants to hire her. She goes outside and jumps for joy. Her co-workers come out and celebrate with her. I’m happy for her, too.

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This will be a super interesting pick for the cavs regardless. In cleveland (probably everywhere but I only know cleveland) there are so many factors. Who is Dan 8767 s favorite coming out? Does Koby have a big day in who it is? Will Lebron use his possible exit to influence the pick? Are there any guards under 5 8767 8 8798 coming out?

Congrats on running a great race! I definitely wouldn 8767 t have wanted to be out running in those conditions, so I 8767 m glad you were able to still have fun and enjoy the moment!

Ji Heon, with his secretary in tow, runs into daddy dearest. Ji Heon runs into the elevator but daddy catches up to him. Daddy is seriously pissed about sonny boy screwing up royally again at work. Commence beat down session. What’s hilarious is dad’s secretary trying to get Ji Heon’s secretary to safety first, and then climbing on the guy’s back to use his notebook to block the elevator surveillance camera from capturing this scene.

Only issue: rookies don 8767 t get calls in the playoffs. They just don 8767 t. For that reason alone, Jeff will get the minutes.

Ji Heon’s secretary is getting drunk and on the phone complaining that the exemplar of a respectable business man that is Ji Heon’s dad and the Chairman of the company, is in reality no better that a gangster! Just because Ji Heon got beat up a little, he tosses all the gangsters in the water and drags them back out to teach them a lesson. Someone overhears this conversation.

Aside from picking up the 8PT stroke from 75% to 88%, which could be attributable to getting his legs back, looks like the same guy. Under 95% FGs & under 88% from deep is awful for a high usage guy.

i think it 8767 s the aunt way of protecting her nephews. 8 years without contact with SH is a long time. and with YJ back in the picture, aunt is just trying (in her own way) to protect both SH and KJ. just my thoughts.

Thank you for inform it here. I just curious for watching this movie and hope one of television station in my country release it soon. 🙂

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