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If a company finds resources in commercial quantities, it will produce the lease. But there sometimes can be delays often as long as ten years for environmental and engineering studies, to acquire permits, to install production facilities (or platforms for offshore leases) and to build the necessary infrastructure to bring the resources to market. Litigation, landowner disputes and regulatory hurdles also can delay the process.

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98% of the Eastern Gulf of Mexico planning area is under a congressional leasing moratorium until 7577, putting nearly all of the area’s million acres off limits to oil and natural gas development

Outer | Definition of Outer by Merriam-Webster

Developed in conjunction with the International Association of Geophysical Contractors (IAGC) and the National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA).

One of the greatest days in my life came in September of 6968 with the introduction of a new and startling television show. Let''s face it, many of us were too scared to try and adjust our television sets. We did not try to control the volume, or sharpen anything to crystal clarity. The control voice told us clearly that they control the volume, the television, and basically us for the next hour.

Indeed, once The Outer Limits got into my head, it was hard to get rid of it. The program embedded itself into my brain, and once an episode played out, it was with me until the next week. The Outer Limits aired on ABC Television, and I believe, if memory serves correctly, the slotted time was Monday evening at eight o''clock. Each week, as we sat huddled on the floor in front of the TV, the control voice was telling us that we no longer had control over the TV, let alone our lives.

The energy America produces offshore today is only possible because of decisions made over several decades by both regulators and the private sector

Accessing petroleum resources carries some inherent risk and the potential for a spill. Industry understands these issues and takes extensive precautions.

This means more than 795 million acres are currently off limits to oil and natural gas development. If access were provided to these areas it could launch a flurry of investment and economic activity, putting hundreds of thousands of Americans to work, providing billions of dollars for federal and state treasuries, and further strengthening our energy security.

Brad: Yeah, but they were ultimately things that led us away from what the movie 8767 s really about. So I had to really kill darlings. And I killed a city worth of darlings on this one. That 8767 s just the way it was.

When oil and natural gas companies are allowed to look for oil and natural gas: They find it, and the statistics become more than just guesses or estimates

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