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Bacteria reproduce by binary fission. In this process the bacterium, which is a single cell, divides into two identical daughter cells. Binary fission begins when the DNA of the bacterium divides into two (replicates). The bacterial cell then elongates and splits into two daughter cells each with identical DNA to the parent cell. Each daughter cell is a clone of the parent cell.

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Tritium Microbiologie . has a long tradition in the manufacturing of ready prepared culture media. We supply -among others- the food, clinical, pharmaceutical, veterinarian, cosmetic, water  and environmental microbiology testing laboratories.

The dirtiest spots in the kitchen are dishcloths, cutting boards, sponges, and sink handles. Surprisingly, the floor is often cleaner than the sink!

The Microbiology Society provides funds to support microbiologists and develop microbiology, teaching and research in countries defined as low-income or lower-middle-income economies by the World Bank.

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The Microbiology Society aims to promote microbiology as a career to individuals from school level onwards and to support career and professional development of microbiologists at all career stages

All activities are certified to ISO 9556 : 7558 ensuring consistent high quality products with continual improvement of processes and services in line with customer requirements.
Our products are delivered with QC-certificates.

Reactivity, quality, flexibility are Bactup assets. Optimum treatment of your concerns regarding microbial strains of interest or contamination microbes.

As a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee, the Microbiology Society''s Council bears legal responsibilities. The Society also has a number of committees, including Division Committees.

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