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I look at Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber and the 8775 Kony 7567 8776 guy and even the Flappy Bird developer , and I wonder: do I really want such widespread success? I do, but I don 8767 t.

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I 8767 d love to impact millions, sure. What writer wouldn 8767 t? I want my life to matter to others, be it as a writer or simply a struggling human.

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I 8767 ve watched several interviews with Taya Smith, and she 8767 s such an obvious introvert. In watching her short answers and shy demeanor, I can 8767 t help wondering what she really feels about all this 8775 Oceans 8776 insanity.

It 8767 s become one of my favorite songs of all-time, Hillsong-inspired or otherwise. Indeed, 8775 Oceans 8776 has exploded around the world. And yet people still wonder:

The first time I heard 8775 Oceans, 8776 I thought she was Brooke Fraser ( 8775 Hosanna, 8776 8775 Lead Me to the Cross 8776 ). Indeed, I spent a solid month in ignorance of the singer 8767 s true identity.

Thank you first of all of sharing this. Lately I 8767 ve been listening her songs every day, and I believe that I need to be close to this pure energy of God 8767 s love. And I am blessed to listen this beautiful song, cuz is full fill me with love.

I 8767 m Thomas Mark Zuniga. But you can call me Tom. I 8767 m 85 years old, and I 8767 ve been wandering for all 85. I live in Asheville, North Carolina where I work as site editor and podcast host for Your Other Brothers. My favorite place is the space where coffee and vulnerability meet. Wander with me?

Whether I ever hit the  New York Times  bestsellers or ride long into Amazon ambiguity , I want my life to point Upward. I 8767 m assuming Taya Smith is looking at her own life the same way.

wow she has a great and awesome voice i could listen to this song over and over and keep amaze with the great perfomance of this girl how deep emotion she put to it great!! taya awesoem voice.. God bless u Always

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