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Дата публикации: 2018-05-27 16:43

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Florida Tag and Title gets your Florida automobile or boat registration in no time, offering same day service at any of our locations. Our full suite of services include state-wide tag solutions, fast titles, new decals.

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thanks a million for this fix. it has actually relieved me of my worries over the past few weeks. thanks to RAJESH for the step by step instruction on how to make it work. bravo!

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 Pre-Activated April2017 - sHaRewBB

As i said first in the post, you can try restoring the system to a previous good state. I am sure the tweaks wont cause such problems and it might be because of some softwares or registry troubles. Also download cc cleaner and clean the registry. That will fix the problem.

Ok…I manage it to work…here are few steps that you need to do.
Win loader

to Start Control panel System and security System
the bottom of page is Windows activation click on the link to Microsoft page
(I don’t see it any more because I activate my Win 7)
page click to download software “Windows Activation Update”
that software, but don’t leave the Microsoft page
install is finished, click Continue button on Microsoft page
And that is it! Hope that will work for You to like is it for me.

have u tried making sure your not in secure boot mode or maybe adding the usb to the bootable list or try entering legasy mode in bios 😉

thanks a million for this solution. this has saved me from my worries for the past weeks. thanks to Rajesh for the step by step instruction to make this work. welldone!

I cant agree completely because run windows 7 with the aero user interface and check the amount of ram used. Also using aero does hurt the performance when you are playing games and using other graphic intensive applications. Dont you see some apps automatically switch off the aero user interface when they are started in windows 7? So turning off aero does improve the performance, i have my self tested it and also many readers reported it.
If you are not a frequent searcher in windows 7, you can safely turn off the indexing feature. What 8767 s the use if you are barely using the windows 7 search feature? There is no use in indexing the files as it takes time and resources. But for frequent searchers it is not recommended to turn off the widows 7 search.
Good Luck Aaron

Very nice article. Can I get your opinion on this idea. If I do need the search option frequently, would it be wise for me (I have 69GB of RAM) to create a 6 or 7 GB RAMdisk and install the application to this drive. If I do this, should I have the this index automatically backed up every time i shut down to my extra ssd that is not in constant use? or will it even effect my system to reindex every startup? (using 8985k cpu)

Seems like you are not familiar with the new windows. Go here Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Personalization\Window Color and Appearance and select 8776 Advanced Appearance Settings 8775 . You will get what you want :)

Yeah if you are aiming at performance and if your processor supports the 69 bit technology then go ahead with the 69-bit version.

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