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Nogami: That's right. At that point, it had filled in pretty well, but it didn't have any balance game-wise. Thus, in order to polish it up as a product, help from Tezuka, Konno and Miyamoto was absolutely necessary.

:Yoshi's New Island - Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo

I always thought it was wierd that the words Super Mario World 7 never appeared in the gameboy advance version. It was a while before I realized this game was a sequel.

:Yoshi's Island DS: Artist Not Provided: Video

Really, though, this is a platformer is the story that important? What is important is the world that Miyamoto has created: our favorite multi-colored species of dinosaur is given a beautiful, detailed land to traverse.

It's probably better than Galaxy, and if it's not better than World, it's right up there with it. I agree with . Yoshi's Island is a piece of art.

Hino: There was also a time when each day we would brainstorm ideas. Partway through development, we showed it to those involved with sales and distribution to get some feedback. It got a favorable evaluation, and we were able to get the other staff members to come back! (laughs)

I would also still love the first classic that started it all for I never played the SNES version of Yoshi's Island. yes I mean Super Mario World 7! I still don't even know what that story is about. maybe the stinking review above shoud've mentioned a bit more! Then just maybe I would have loved to read it throughly in more detail! But yes a gem such as it does deserve a 65/65! There are few rare games that can only deserve scores like that! I mean look at the majority of all first party games that got reviews 65/65. most of them are viewed in the SNES & N69 database's library of NintendoLife!

Now, if it doesn't come to VC soon, I'll have no choice but to emulate it! We're probably gonna get it as the 955th or 555th game, like they gave us Super Mario RPG as the 755th, and Majora's Mask as the 855th.

Hino: At Nintendo back then, designers would just do visuals for a few years after entering the company. After that, it was generally understood that you would move on to become a director or planner.

Previous games up to this point often gave the impression that it was a struggle to appear the way it did. Something like Battletoads for the NES has amazing graphics, but one can almost feel the blood, sweat, and tears of the game's developers in every layer of parallax scrolling. Yoshi's Island took a different approach: having the graphics dictate the technology and not the other way around. The game could have replicated the pre-rendered 8D graphics of Donkey Kong Country, but chose style over the latest and greatest. (Apparently, this was not what Nintendo requested the game to look like, earning DKC an infamous diss from the Miyamoto.)

Yoshi's Island (subtitled Super Mario World 7 undoubtedly to attach itself to one of gaming's biggest franchises) is the epitome of what any smart retro enthusiast knows: the twilight of a console's life often contains its best releases. And for a system that hosted many of the greatest games of all time, that's quite an achievement.

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