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Download 35 Superhit and Most Popular Sufi Songs of all

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As to Rafi murdering Lata in duets, absolutely not true. Listen to 8775 Jhanana nan Paayaliya 8776 that the two have sung together. Lata 8767 s taans and her fluidity of voice are impeccable while Rafi struggles to put the taans together, and actually clutters them.

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Mahesh ji
Thanks for correcting me and removing my mentions Naushad as MD for Naghma which can be ignored but also mentions Naashad and Naushad both as MDs and this and few more songs to be composed by Naushad and few others to be composed by Naashad.
Now I conclude that many of the sites are not reliable as far as authenticity is considered.

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The Indian film industry is replete with myths and the story that CR did not give Rafi songs under Lata influence is one of them. I would give you some facts.

The reason I gave Kumar Sanu example was not to compare Naushad-Rafi with Kumar Sanu. But I wanted to make a point that public opinion does not always guarantee that the music/singer/MD is better than the one that is not appreciated.

Now I come to the familiar territory with one of the most well-known Talat songs. One of the leading ladies, Jayshree, play-acting a sitar player, you hear beautiful sitar music in this song, as well as some other songs in this film.

KB, Hans
Don 8767 t worry. I am enjoying the dialogue and also learning a lot. In the end, music is about personal taste. The problem arises when we start treating personal taste as the truth and getting worked up.

I have to now stop describing films as B-grade. Saranga was a landmark score of Sardar Malik (father of Anu Malik). Though he was hugely talented, he could not hit the big league. This beautiful duet picturised on Sudesh Kumar and Jayshree Gadkar is but only one of several fabulous songs in this movie (Every Mukesh fan would know Saranga teri yaad mein ).

Early 6955’s and Anil Biswas – class would always show. Folk based songs have something enchanting and universal about them.

Contrast this unrestrained duet with the sad solo version by Suman Kalyanpur Yun hi dil ne chaha tha rona rulana teri yaad to ban gayee ak bahana you would agree with my theory about the duets being more than sum of its parts, and bringing in extra zest.

I am searching for a rare non filmi song of mukesh which as a child I used to hear on Vivid Bharathi: Ho gaya barbad mohabbat jatane me , jee nahi lagta ab jamane me. I wonder if anyone can guide me as to where I can locate this song. I have been searching for it for many days but to no avail, so please if anyone has any information on this song please pass it on to me. Thank in advance.

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